Saturday, February 7, 2009

In Spore

I'm now addicted to this game:
This game is truly epic. It's fun, accessible and infinite. I've been playing it everytime I'm free. I can't stop making animals with the Creature Creator.

Okay. Here's a simple way of describing Spore. Imagine beginning life as a cell, evolving from there to a land creature, then your creature gets more intelligent and starts a tribe, which turns into a civilisation and control the planet. Of course then you gotta start exploring the infinite universe.

And you make everything yourself. You create the cell. You evolve it by adding parts. As it begins to move on land, you give it legs. Then it's your choice to give it what kind of arms, hands, wings, spikes, whatever. Someone came up with this, just to give you an idea of what you can do:

Yes! A goddamn Pikachu!

Then you can also make your own vehicles. The X-Wing from Star Wars, anyone?

You can even re-shape planets (!). Adjust the atmosphere, temperature, ecosystem...
I love this game.

I've been spending the last hour trying to adjust the conditions of one of my planet colonies. I had to start a meteor shower because the temperature was too low, and increase the atmosphere. I also had to create herbivores and carnivores, and also transport plants from other planets because I needed a fully-working ecosystem. The planet was also quite uneven, with small patches of water, and mountains everywhere, so I had to level with my terra-forming tools.

Yes, I sound like a geek. And I like it.

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