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I Mean The Snakes - The Best Dressed Bet

So. I rarely talk about the music scene in Brunei. I guess I'm not too knowledgeable in that area. What little I know of it are some metal bands that has probably disbanded or on 'indefinite' hiatus. But I do know that it's very promising.

I was a fan of [H8], Wan Long Kok, Senjakala and Airholes. But after so many years, I've not heard anything from them.

But I hear it's got some really talented and refreshing stuff. Not least 'I Mean The Snakes,' who has the same knack for a guitar indie tune as Franz Ferdinand. Tongue-in-cheek and quirky is how they describe themselves, and they are not far off the mark. You can buy their album on iTunes. Then there's 3Belas, who draws inspiration from a range of influences covering from Bjork to Nirvana to The Strokes. These two are quite different in their approaches, to say the blindingly obvious.

3Belas - Aku Takkan Jatuh Cinta Lagi

What I want right now though, is a new dose of Gallows. Hardcore thrash punk at its best. I'm feverishly waiting for their new album due sometime this year. The album 'Orchestra Of Wolves' was one of my favourite albums of 2007.

Until then, I've got Rolo Tomassi to nurse my ills. Hailing from Sheffield, their debut album 'Hysterics' was one of the most intriguing hardcore punk releases in 2008. With an atypical frontman - a woman who is actually girly instead of butch - with a powerful voice and a band of musicians with atypical notions of song structure and an abundance of energy, they are a band that will go far.

Rolo Tomassi - I Love Turbulence

Now I've gotta go do my laundry.

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