Thursday, May 14, 2009


Here is a band whose live performances far exceeds their recorded counterparts. Here is a band whose power and electricity cannot be fully expressed through hi-fi systems and high-end headphones. That's not to say you can't appreciate them when you buy their record. But to fully know what Jonquil is all about, you must be there, in the crowd, reacting to every sound they make, and sing along to their lyrics in euphoric harmony.

Jonquil - Lions (Live)

Their debut album 'Lions' have been called an album of "twisted beauty, misty darkness, blue-sky harmonies and folksy wonder." Drowned In Sound says "it’s a reflective and reverent sound that is humbly but heavily rooted in folk traditions with its multi-instrumental layers and thick harmonies." And yes, it is a beauty of a record. With classics such as 'Lions,' this is a recommended buy.

Jonquil - Whistle Low

Jonquil will start touring soon, around early June. I will be looking forward to seeing them again.

Jonquil - Babe, So Now Why No?

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