Friday, May 8, 2009

Youves In York

Sky's new TV package was quite unappealing

Last night at 7.30pm I discovered a band called Youves on myspace. At 8pm I found out they were going to be in York the same night. At 8.15 I was in a taxi to go to the Basement. At 8.20 I was there buying the tickets. Yes, in the span of one hour, I journeyed through discovery to total worship.

Of course before I could see them live, I had to sit through some support bands. The first one was quite forgettable. I don't even remember the name of the band anymore. A lot of their friends went to see them, but they seemed all dressed up, as if they were going straight to Gallery right after. Oh well.

First Support Band - Moving To New York (cover)

Second in line was a band from Leeds/York. They were pretty good. Imagine, if you will, if Foals had an illegitimate baby with Explosions In The Fire, and Yannis Philippakis wasn't involved in its rearing. You would probaby get Lost From Atlas.

Nobody told them that's not how you solve it

They played a half-hour set without any breaks between songs. You can see this in the video, which is actually two songs, I think. They're pretty silent guys verbally. They just let their music do the talking. And their music talks.

Lost From Atlas - Tom Robinson Must Die! (Download)

Lost From Atlas

Then of course, came the headliners, Youves, from the little town of Nuneaton. Here's a band that sounds like Rolo Tomassi sneaking in into a Foals gig and playing in the background. They are an amazing live band. And yes, they do remind me of the amazing live band that is Foals. I can imagine, that with a few more hundred people to play for, Youves would make the crowd go into a massive frenzy of sweat and guitars.

Youves got a bet'er idea for a picnic, mate?

Youves - On Probation

Youves - On Probation (Download)

After the show, I went to buy some merch, and here's what I got, their EP, 'Cardio-Vascular.'

Youves - Cardio-Vascular EP

Okay, the music is brilliant. It's amazing, really. And with songs called 'Fully Erect Serve And Protect' and 'Another Djemba Djemba', How much more awesome can you get?

Well, apparently a lot more, if you open up the case.



Oh, I get it. Cardio-Vascular. Yay me.

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Over and out

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  1. Youves are back at the basement on Wednesday 4th November in such an ace lineup:

    Clouds above Cities

    Tickets from seetickets / City Screen