Sunday, May 3, 2009

Peggy Sue with Guests, York

So. Right after my first exam, we went straight to Leeds, because there was a Live At Leeds event. It had James Yuill and The Voluntary Butler Scheme, and about a hundred other bands I either have never heard about or vaguely knew. What better chance do I have to discover new bands? But yeah, Lady Luck was a bit pissy that day. So the tickets were sold out, and we spent the day in Leeds shopping.

So what did we do to nurse our wounds? We went to see Peggy Sue in York instead.

Charlot Webster

The first of the support acts was Charlot Webster, an awkward-looking woman who played the ukelele and a small electronic guitar (electronic ukelele?). She also played the accordion in one of Peggy Sue's songs. Anyway, she was good, if a bit clumsy.

Charlot Webster

Charlot Webster - You Only Live Twice

Tom Reeve

Next up is someone who reminds me of Tetris Dreams. Singing "faster than Dr. Dre", Tom Reeve sings songs about a recently deceased dog that was apparently not immortal, and the destructive effects of neo-conservative capitalism. But then sometimes he sings (or raps) his words so fast, I have no idea what he was singing about. He sure can play the guitar (and the banjo) though. The highlight was "Jessie," a son about the aforementioned dog, a deceased pet of his girlfriend.

Tom Reeve on the guitar

Tom Reeve on the banjo

Tom Reeve - The Cuckold & The Whore

To break the mould, we had The Abstracts, a local pop rock outfit that cites Oasis, Bob Dylan, The Pretenders, The Futureheads and Kings of Leon amongst its influences. They were pretty good, but the audience were a bit unsure, I guess. It's essentially a folk (or anti-folk) gig, so to have a pop rock dance band was a bit out of place for some people. But yes, they did get people dancing, not least us.

The Abstracts

The Abstracts

The Abstracts - Great Grandma Britannia

Then we had what was undoubtledly the best of the four support acts, The Mariner's Children. Hailing from Brighton, they are tourmates of Peggy Sue. The two vocalists have amazing voices, and their arcadian music was quite perfect as I was in the mood of a more chilled out gig. We al

The Mariner's Children

The Mariner's Children - My Dear

The Mariner's Children - Start Again

Peggy Sue was up next. I don't really have much to say except that they're brilliant. I talked about them a few days back. These two women have amazing voices, and their lyrics are smart and funny. Noe if only there was a "like" button somewhere.

Here are low-quality videos from my mobile phone. Hahaha.

Peggy Sue -Lover Gone

Peggy Sue - Your Mama

Peggy Sue - All In My Grill (Missy Elliot Cover)

After the show, we went to the Merch table, and here's what we got:

Peggy Sue - Lover Gone EP

The Mariner's Children EP

The Peggy Sue CD cover also functioned as a shadow puppet stage, which I thought was ingenious. I will be looking forward to playing with this soon.

Here's a song, titled 'The New Song' from Peggy Sue.

Signing out

Over and out

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