Monday, May 11, 2009

Lord Of The Tube

Right now I want some new Foals music. That's what I want. Or some new Tubelord. Either of them on a Monday afternoon would make my day perfect.

Wearing their hearts on their front pockets

I've seen both bands live. And both of them are amazing. Yannis Philippakis is an incredible frontman. Seeing Foals in Oxford was one of the best live experiences I've ever had. The two support bands were awesome (Jonquil and Youthmovies), both for completely different reasons. But yes, Foals were obviously the stars of the night.

Foals - Balloons

Foals - Red Socks Pugie

What else can you do with a banana? Wait, don't answer that

Then there's Tubelord, who are yet to release their debut album. I think it's out in the next couple of months. I have no doubt it'll be brilliant. They have a knack for writing songs that makes you want to mosh and dance at the same time. Much like Foals, though they do sound very, very different. When I went to their show in Kingston, their hometown, in December last year it was such a friendly atmosphere. The crowd was awesome. The bands were incredible, including Blakfish and Colour. I would love to see Tubelord live again.

Tubelord - I Am Azerrad

Tubelord - Feed Me A Box Of Words

'I Am Azerrad' is the best song about killing the concept of a rock critic ever written in the entire history of civilisation.

Signing out

Over and out

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