Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yuill Know James

Folktronica. It's growing on me more everyday. I think the man responsible for this is really none other than the lovable James Yuill.

I mean, look at him. Doesn't he look like your likable biology teacher who is awkwardly funny? Then you go to a pub one day and find that he is a acoustic guitar-playing, sample-manipulating darling.

I missed two golden chances to see him live. He was in London around the end of April, for the Camden Crawl, that also had Yeah Yeah Yeahs and a thousand (well, not a thousand) other bands. I also missed him at Live at Leeds, which had Youves and The Voluntary Butler Scheme, and hundreds of other bands (not exaggerating).

James Yuill - This Sweet Love

His debut album, 'Turning Down Water For Air,' has been out for quite a while, and it's an album really worth checking out. Check out the two videos, and download this track. If you really like what you hear, go buy the album.

James Yuill - The Ghost

It turns out his dream was to be a forensic scientist. Which makes him cool, by my books

Of course like all sweet guys on guitars, you've got to have your fair share of unrequited love, and Yuill certainly has his. On "No Surprise," he laments "it's no surprise that you'll soon forget about me." How could you not say "aww..." to that? You heartless lot.

He's the sweet loser. That poor guy who never gets the girl he wants, and ends up abandoning his dreams of being in CSI because he feels the need to nurse his sorrows with music.

James Yuill - No Surprise

I'm thankful he did. His songs make me happy and sad at the exact same time. It's like being in a dysfunctional relationship. In 'Somehow,' he sings 'I know you want me to hurt yourself.' My advice to him, get another girl.

We love you, James Yuill. Your heartbreaks make us happy, in a twisted kind of sense.

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