Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chop 'Em Down

Would you like your meal of American breakbeat be added with a little Jewish Hassidic reggae? Then you might like this video.

The Crystal Method - Drown In The Now (Feat. Matisyahu)

You can download the mp3 for free from the link below:

I'm not a big fan of Crystal Method, but I am a big fan of Matisyahu. Both his albums 'Youth' and 'Shake Off The Dust... Arise' were amazing. Tracks to check out are 'King Without A Crown,' 'Time Of Your Song' and 'Jerusalem'.

Matisyahu - King Without A Crown

Matisyahu - I Will Be Light

Yes, despite the youtuber claiming it's called It Can't Wait, it's actually called 'I Will Be Light.' It's on the Shattered EP.

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