Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Top Ten Apps For The iPod Touch

I've been using my iPod Touch for a few months now, and I've had it jailbroken for about a month, and I'm eternally grateful for Pill getting this for my birthday.

So over that period of time, I've played around with some of the apps, be it from the Apple Store or jailbroken apps from Cydia or Installer. And here are my lists of favourite apps. Note: Jailbroken apps have no price because they're free.

Favourite Games

Tap Tap Revenge 2 (Free)
A rhythm-based game that looks slick and features songs from the likes of Coldplay, Weezer, Senses Fail and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

TapDefense (Free)
A tower defense game that's easy to learn and incredibly addictive.

Guitar Rock Tour (£3.49)
The iPod Touch's own Guitar Hero.

Fast & Furious: The Game (£3.49)
Straight from the film, even the scenes. Responsive and fun. You can even play as the police.

Real Football 09 (£3.49)
Fun and with depth. A proper football game.

Ferrari GT Evolution (£3.49)
A racing game with Ferraris. Through the streets of Rome, Athens & Madrid.

Fieldrunners (£1.79)
A tower defense game that looks amazing and will have you playing for hours.

Spore: Origins
Essentially a prologue to Spore. You play as a cell in the cell stage. When you feel like playing Spore and is nowhere near your PC, here's a decent replacement for that train journey back home.

MazeFinger (Free)
Simple, really. You navigate through mazes with your finger. Best of all, it's free.

Touchgrind (£2.99)
Remember those little fingerboards? Nurse your nostalgia with this.

Favourite Apps

Facebook (Free)
Really. Self-explanatory. It would be perfect except for the fact that you can't view groups or applications. Still, it means not having to see all those quiz results.

Zemote (£2.39)
Turns your iPod Touch into a touchpad, a keyboard and media player remote all in one. Great for being too lazy to get out from bed or watching a film.

Remote (Free)
A remote for your iTunes. Again, like Zemote, great for lazing around.

Skype (Free)
Skype. On the iPod Touch. Of course you need a microphone. And Wi-Fi. And it has no video. But it's great. It feels like you're on the phone. I can bring my Skype to the kitchen now.
Capital FM (Free)
There are loads of internet radio apps there. So I'm only going to feature this one. Features traffic and tourists photos.

Evernote (Free)
Lets you take text or audio nates, and then geo-tag them. Quite useful.

Google (Free)
Lets you access all the Google Apps from one application.

Wikipedia really. Streamlined for the iPod Touch.

Though I don't usually read The Daily Telegraph, I like the slick and smooth interface.

Makes your iPod Touch into a flashlight. Useful for those late night outs when you're coming back using the shortcut under the trees and on muddy paths.

Favorite Jailbreak Apps

Changes how your iPod looks like (not externally, obviously). You can change the battery, the charging screen, the Springboard, even the little page dots.
Changes the font.

Lets you download YouTube videos directly onto your iPod Touch

Lets you hide, show, toggle basically everything on your iPod Touch.

Lets you transfer files to and from your PC securely over Wi-Fi.

Five Icon Dock
Lets you add an extra icon on your dock.
Lets you play flash videos on Safari.

Like BossPrefs, but more accessible, even when you're on another application.

If you like to keep things organised, then Rename is another tool to keep your apps in check.

Lets you read pdf files from the iPod Touch hard disk.

Signing out

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