Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Examination Provocation

Okay. I'm posting this here so I'll see it every time I come to my own blog so I'll be reminded to get the fuck off the internet and do some revision.

Tue 28/04/09
- [16.30-18.30] History Of English II (ATB056/7)

Sat 02/05/09
- [09.00-10.00] Structure Of English II (ATB056/7)

Then all of my exams hereafter will be in Central Hall, the building that looks like a concrete UFO that crashed into a lake.

Tue 26/05/09
- [09.30-11.00] Elementary Syntax (Central Hall)

Thu 28/05/09
- [09.30-11.00] Elementary Sociolinguistic Variation & Change (Central Hall)

Tue 02/06/09
- [09.30-11.30] History Of English I (Central Hall)

Wed 10/06/09
- [09.30-11.00] Elementary Phonetics & Phonology (Central Hall)

Fri 12/06/09
- [14.15-15.45] Elementary Semantics (Central Hall)

Mon 15/06/09
- [14.15-15.15] Structure of English III (Central Hall)

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  1. Note to self: Won't be taking History Of English II. That's next year's module