Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fran & Josh + Paper Heroes, Leeds

I'm in Leeds right now, full after eating a spicy bean burger meal with onion bhaji. Filling stuff.

So why am I in Leeds? Because it's my first and only stop on my way to London. Conveniently Fran & Josh decided to do a show in Leeds the same night I'm here. I went, with Sam, after his BCG test-run didn't go as planned. So he didn't need to sneak out from it after all. It's his first gig. Not a bad one to start with.

How was it, I here you ask?

Absolutely fucking amazing. Low attendance aside, it was brilliant stuff.

Ashesinthefall reminds me of Funeral For A Friend, which I thought was a bit out of place when put before Fran & Josh and Paper Heroes.

These guys sure can play, but really, when it came down to it, their songs were a bit on the formulaic side.

Ashesinthefall - I Kissed A Girl (Katy Perry cover)

Support Band #2 - who are called The Night Herons - are not bad. They sound to me like a cross-breed of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Last Shadow Puppets, which is as complimentary as it sounds. They also had a tinge of ska, which I liked. More than danceable, their songs showed their potential. Now, if only the vocalist would show some confidence in herself.

The Night Herons - Systematic Error

The Mid Nineties was a little on the dull side. Not very exciting, I was disappointed because I thought for some reason they were Paper Heroes, as I've never seen Paper Heroes live. By that stage, I would think Sam was secretly scared that the night would be a disappointment. I do see potential though from them, just maybe they're on the rough side. Very, very rough.

The Mid-Nineties - ?

Fran & Josh are amazing musicians. They're very nice people as well, and I give them some much deserved respect for actually remembering me from their free show in London, and even remembering my favourite song from them. I love these guys.

While playing one song, the crowd actually started a circle pit, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. I can now claim to have seen a Flamenco pit. My life is almost complete. It got Sam in the front row, jumping, dancing and clapping. His first-gig-shyness syndrome is now cured.

Fran & Josh - Better Off Alone

A shorter, higher-quality recording courtesy of Sam

Next was Skins favourite, Paper Heroes. I wasn't that big a fan before this. Their myspace page didn't really impress me much. But after seeing them live, I've totally converted to Paper Heroism. They're absolutely blindingly amazing live.

Paper Heroes - ?

Now, what else to do in Leeds?

Signing out

Over and out

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