Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Review: Bat For Lashes - Two Suns

Album: Two Suns
Artist: Bat For Lashes
Rating: 4 out of 5
In a nutshell: surreal synth-folk, captivating and mesmerising at its best

I didn't listen to the Mercury and Brit-nominated debut album by Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes's real name), but after listening to the follow-up, I undoubtedly will grab the CD the next time I end up looking aimlessly for cheap DVDs in HMV.

Bat For Lashes - Daniel

From the first track I immediately fell in love with her voice. "I will rise now," she sings as her first line on the first track, 'Glass.'. And indeed, she rises, with no low points in the whole album. The whole album is themed with duality, thus the title 'Two Suns.' There are songs called 'Moon and Moon' and 'Two Planets.' She even has an alter ego in the fake-blond Pearl, who sings in 'Siren Song' and 'Pearl's Dream.' Pearl is "a destructive, self-absorbed, blonde, femme fatale of a persona who acts as a direct foil to Khan's more mystical, desert-born spiritual self." The theme of duality carries on, between Man & Woman, good and evil and the different sides of personality and self.

But even without going deep into the imagery-filled songwriting or themes of duality and division, you can still appreciate the sheer brilliance of the music. From heart-felt piano tracks to 80's sounding songs to Bjork-ish folktronica, Khan does them all, and does them all brilliantly.

Now. Time for revision and my essay.

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