Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today is the birthday of one of the most important people in my life.

Dk Rafidah Binti Pg Hj Ahmad.

Oh yes, I had to put your full name. Hahaha.

My bestfriend for almost ten years. Wow. Almost a decade. Of course since this is her birthday I'm going to talk about her, probably at length.

Where do I start?

I don't even remember how we started to become best friends. I remember we used to make fun and throw insults at each other when we were in Form 1. That was funny. I really can't remember though how we jumped from that to being very close friends.

What I do remember is hanging out at the canteen (picture above). We were quite different people actually, the two of us. Our way of thinking, sometimes even our group of friends. I think it really was (and is) a complementary friendship.

She's a very good friend. She's always been there for me. As best friends, we were inseparable in school. We hung out together so much people thought we were a couple, which I thought was absolutely hilarious. It just shows you how unreliable gossip is. I mean, come on. She was dating someone else at the time. Some people thought we were sharing her! That was just too damn funny. And actually kind of pathetic.

Some people think I'm a really patient guy. Well, when you're bestfriends with Fee, you've got many chances to practice. Hahaha. Seriously though, being friends to her has directly and indirectly taught me to never judge people.

She's got a great singing voice. Excellent, even. And then there's me, who's tone deaf and plays no music. Told you we're two different people.

She was the best part of my teenage life. No doubt about it. I cannot imagine my high school years without her. I can, but it would be so weird, and I'd probably turn out into someone quite different. So yes, she did help shape myself into who I am today.

The days of listening to System Of A Down in my Serena. Hanging out at her place till late. Listening to her singing in the K-Box while constantly refusing to sing myself. The night we were at the sports complex near Dibah's house with Yumnie and Dibah. Sitting at the Mall selling Chef Wan tickets.

Happy birthday, bestfriend.

I love you to bits. And I hope you're having fun in Paris right now.

I can't wait to see you.

Signing out

Over and out

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  1. And seven years later, we are still bestfriends and still can't quite imagine life without the other. Love you Jay.